Welcome to Gnostic Awakening

Every human being is precious and is held eternally within the embrace of Infinite Love. May we all awaken to this reality and, if at all possible, help others to do likewise.

Gnostic Awakening aligns itself with “The Work”, joining with all who strive for a universal humanity, united in one Spirit, irrespective of differences such as race, creed or religion.

Gnostic Awakening is available to help men and women meet with courage and discernment the spiritual challenges which we all must face along the path to union with the Divine Source of our being.

Gnosis is an ancient Greek word for “knowledge”. It refers to the direct knowledge of Ultimate Reality, whereby the Knower and the Known are one. As an ancient Indian text states, “Thou art That”! You ARE the purity, the love, the consciousness, the bliss – You ARE what you seek. Spiritual work, such as that reflected in this website, is undertaken for the realisation of this truth.


Martin Nathanael – Creator of Gnostic Awakening

During his late teens, Martin Nathanael found himself drawn to the esoteric elements of the world’s spiritual philosophies, particularly focusing on the advaita (non-dual) tradition of India.

Later, a mystical opening to Christ-consciousness led him towards working as a priest.

His varied career has taken him into secondary education where he was Head of Religious Studies in two London schools, teaching world religions to A level.

For the past 35 years, he has been teaching meditation to individuals and groups, leading quiet days and residential retreats, and giving talks or leading courses and workshops on various aspects of inner transformation.

He has also been a tutor and supervisor to students in training as interfaith ministers, as well as developing his own interfaith ministry.

Martin lives in York with his wife Kathleen.

You can contact Martin at martin.nathanael@btinternet.com