The Western Mystical Tradition

The mystical philosophy which each generation endeavoured to pass on to the next – written and oral teachings, though varying in certain details, all pointing to one central truth: that it is possible, with the right knowledge and guidance, to experience definite inner transformation.

“It is the soul’s nature to return to Source.

Thus the constant reappearance of these mystical teachings is inevitable!”

The Key of Gnosis

Non-dual teachings springing from the early centuries of Christianity. Discovering the universal Christ, the true Self of all.

“The most beautiful learning and the greatest is to know yourself, for whoever knows himself knows God and whoever knows God becomes like Him” (Clement of Alexandria, 2nd century, The Paedagogue 3.1)

The Way of Watchfulness

The practice of Watchfulness was taught with great wisdom by the early fathers; for them it was an essential discipline, and its cultivation a prior condition for living a genuine Christian life. St. Paul wrote: Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind (nous) (Rom. 12: 2). To obtain this level, the Christ-mind, is the goal of spiritual endeavour.

Spiritual Reflections

  1. Analogy of the Sun
  2. The Law of Non-Attachment
  3. The Power of Love
  4. Make Friends with The Unknown
  5. The Law of Divine Abundance
  6. Reflections on Being and Emotion

The six articles which make up the contents of this book contain teachings that are born out of the author’s work with individuals and groups over a number of years.

Yoga and Purity of Life

       Yoga and Purity of Life   *   The Supreme Healing   *   Unveiling the Face of Happiness
       Being the “elusive” Self    *   Advaita: A Universal Teaching   *   The Garden of Delight   *   Dialogue on Awakening

Apart from “Dialogue on Awakening”, this is a collection of articles which have been previously published in various journals.

Life Beyond Death

The purpose of this book is to place before the reader the author’s personal near-death experience, and subsequent research regarding a fundamental issue which concerns us all: What happens at “death”?

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This booklet focuses attention on an area of Knights Templar life not generally known – the spirituality and core principles at the heart of the Order.
OSMTJ (The Ordre Souverain et Militaire du Temple de Jerusalem) is the current title of the Knights Templar Order.
The booklet costs £2.00 and is available post free in the UK.



Meditation Practices facilitated by Martin Nathanael  Cost £6.00 plus £1.50 p. & p.

“When all doing, trying or efforting has ceased, then everything is simply as it is … the mind, as well as the body, is relaxed and open … and this is the beginning of genuine meditation. You will see that meditation could also be called Self-enquiry. In meditation, we begin to loosen the hold of a limited “me” or “I”, and we let go into the Self which is universal, the one Self of all. This, your true Self is known, not by any facet of the mind – no, it is known by being that Self, itself.”


Seven talks given in Blackpool by Martin Nathanael

Martin explores how to arrive at a deeper more mystical understanding of this core Christian prayer which has a universal message.

Cost £8.00 plus £1.50 p. & p.


Two talks given in Blackpool by Martin Nathanael

Cost £6.00 plus £1.50 p. & p.

Your Immortal Self – an overview of the journey inwards to rediscover the deepest level of our being.

The Law of Abundance (sometimes called “divine supply”) is based on the understanding that the universe possesses an extraordinary Intelligence and is pervaded by the unconditional Love of God.


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